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Combined Heat and Power Systems

Electricity rates continue to climb. If you have a process or thermal heat requirement, you could combine this with a small turbine generator and lower your overall costs. This is true co-generation when you combine both heat and power requirements into one system.

Implications: Steam users served by most district steam systems can extract some of the presently wasted enthalpy and produce fuel-free electricity. In the past, analysis of these systems has assumed the enthalpy that is removed would need to be made up by purchasing added steam, but this is not ( in most cases) necessary. These installations produce no added pollution, either of regulated pollutants or carbon dioxide, thereby presenting a compelling argument to those who believe that the environment is the enemy of the economy.

Cheap Electricity From Turbines: The marginal cost of electricity generated by any power generation technology, independent of capital cost recovery and operations and maintenance is simply the cost of fuel divided by the power generation efficiency.

Equipment Flexibility: We are associated with a top turbine-generator manufacturer. This allows us to design equipment that best meets our customers' needs. Do you need to minimize your installed cost? Maximize efficiency? Maximize equipment reliability? We have the expertise and flexibility to provide you with the ideal solution to your particular needs.

Electricity Generation With Hot Water - No Steam

Pratt & Whitney - Pure Cycle

The Pratt & Whitney Power Systems PureCycle® power system is a closed-cycle process that uses any hot water resource to generate 280 kW (gross) of electrical power. The system is driven by a simple evaporation process and is entirely enclosed, which means it produces no emissions. The only byproduct is electricity, and the fuel - hot water - is a renewable resource. In fact, for geothermal applications, the water can be returned to the earth for re-heating, resulting in the ultimate recycling loop. Free fuel, coupled with low operating and maintenance costs, ensure this system will have an extremely attractive payback. The PureCycle® power system can operate on a wide range of resource temperatures starting as low as 195°F (91°C). By operating at lower temperatures than conventional geothermal systems, the PureCycle® power system enables geothermal wells deemed unproductive because they are below 300°F (149°C) to become viable energy sources once again.

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