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Illustrations of Representative Installations

for Biomass Thermal Energy Products

Fig. 3.
Large wood chips w/turkey manure (ready for firing)
Fig. 1.
50% moisture wood chips at 27% fire
Fig. 5.
50% moisture wood chips at 95% fire
Fig. 6.
50% moisture wood chips at 95% fire
Fig. 2.
Touch Pad Control Panel
Fig. 4.
8,500,000 BTU Hot Water Boiler for heating dry kilns
Fig. 10.
10,000,000 BTU Hot Water Boiler heating a greenhouse
Fig. 17.
2 - 115 BHP Boilers with BBT Stand Alone Stack for heating a greenhouse
Fig. 19.
Stoker access door and Self-Contained Hydraulic System for operating the Chain Grate Bed and Automatic Ash Removal Systems Augers
Fig. 11.
Back end of boiler showing the over-air Fan
Fig. 13.
Back end of boiler showing the water inlet to boiler and boiler at full fire
Fig. 15.
Front of boiler showing the infeed conveyor, screener and infeed metering box
Fig. 16.
Front of boiler showing dual infeed augers and metering boxes for 2 - boilers in-line
Fig. 14.
Multi-Clone with hydraulically actuated Airlock and Ash Auger
Fig. 18.
Control Panels for dual boilers in-line
Fig. 21.
Multi-Clone for 80BHP Hot Water Boiler heating a school
Fig. 22.
Ash Auger System which transfers ash outside
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