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Large Boilers

Multi-Fuel Boilers 500,000 to 25,000,000 BTU/hr

Low or High Pressure, Hot Water or Steam Boilers Available

Our Boilers are a complete and fully integrated system:

3-Pass Firebox Boiler: Designed and constructed to the ASME Boiler Code. 3-Pass firebox boiler with a large combustion volume for a maximum system efficiency.

Stoker Base: Stoker walls are lined with high temperature insulation and poured refractory. Included is a chain grate cast from high heat resistant alloy.

Combustion Air Blower: The volume of air delivered is directly proportional to the amount of fuel combusted and it is controlled for complete thermal combustion efficiency.

Fuel Conveyor: It is designed to convey many various fuels some of which are wood, manure, ground corn stalks, sugar beets, construction waste, etc. and other similar types of solid fuels onto the chain grate in a metered, consistent manner. Fuel feed ratio is directly related to the power demanded by boiler's temperature control system.

Automatic Ash Removal: The ash removal system is fully automated and it is designed to remove all the ash generated from combustion. Ash removed from the stoker is combined with ash removed from the dust collector to a single ash collection point. Standard plate grate boilers create several problems when removing the ash. Not only does the boiler have to be shut down and re-started, but the ash must be manually removed from the firebox to a container. When scraping, or shoveling the ash it creates a fine dust that settles on everything in the boiler room as well as an ash problem on the floor that needs to be cleaned up. Sweeping the ash off the floor also adds to the fine dust floating around the boiler room. With the our Boiler System the ash box is outside which allows your boiler room, walls, ceiling, and floor to stay very clean.

PLC Control Panel: The whole system is controlled with a color user interface touch screen. Our controls maximize the combustion efficiency and operation of the unit and can be easily customized to a particular user's application. We can interface with building energy management systems and can be remotely monitored and maintained on the internet.

Automatic Pulsating, Soot Blower, and Tube Cleaning System: The cleaning system is designed to increase heat transfer efficiency. PLC controlled, it is programmed to automatically clean the tubes at preset intervals.

Dust Collector: Depending upon the size of the unit and the jurisdiction it is located in, we generally use a multi-cyclone dust collector to minimize particulate emissions. Other dust collection devices such as an Electronic Static Precipitator (ESP) can also be supplied. Our installations are complete with exhaust blower, air lock and fly ash removal auger.

Time, Temperature and Turbulence: Our system design incorporates the three components required for efficient combustion of solid fuel. The combination of over-fire air and the air passing through the fuel bed provides turbulence required for rapid and complete combustion of solid fuel. The Chain Grate Stoker design has a significant advantage over other systems. The system provides a large area of the chain grate that is conservatively designed to assure a complete combustion of solid fuel.
Biomass Thermal Energy Ltd. manufactures the most fuel flexible boilers in North America.
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